First Time Sex

No matter how confident or well endowed you feel, having sex for the first time is a big deal. As a virgin, it is possible to feel a little discomfort mainly during vaginal or anal penetration. However, this is something normal that should not scare you from enjoying sexual pleasures. Just be prepared for it and embrace the pain together as long as have agreed to experience the magic of sex for the first time together. After all, safe sex is an art that takes time and effort to perfect.

Just like other forms of discomfort, pain during first time sex can have significant impact on your future experiences. It’s therefore important that you know how to reduce it to make the experience more sensual. Here are some of the best ways to reduce pain during first time sex.

Focus on the Fun

Your first time sex might be a bit uncomfortable. However, don’t focus on the pain aspect. Release the negative sensations and get into the act with a clear understanding that you will come out of it happier and more fulfilled. This also means being prepared emotionally before the act. Don’t feel like your partner is pushing you into it. Once you decide to let him slide in, be sure that you can handle all the good and bad that come with sex. Start off with sensual foreplay to ensure that you both desire sex.

Talk about Sex with Your Partner

There are times when the pressure that is linked to sex makes the experience disappointing. Therefore, take time to engage your partner in an open and honest conversation about sex. The conversation should not entirely be dirty but more relaxed and enjoyable. It should also be revealing so that your partner knows what turns you on and the boundaries to observe. A conversation makes both partners comfortable and relaxed. This helps in distracting the thoughts of pain.

Be Gentle and Take it Slow

Some people like it rough and messy. However, first time sex should be performed with patience and gentleness. This eases the feelings of discomfort while allowing partners to really understand what sets them on fire. At the beginning, try to keep up with your partner’s pace but gradually climb onto more intense and sensual pleasures. You can also try different positions and use lubricants to numb the discomfort. If it hurts that she can’t take it anymore, relax and cuddle. Listen to some soothing music or play around until she is fired up again.

Follow these tips to reduce pain during first time sex and you will have a better and memorable experience.  

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